Daphne's Short Stories

Short Stories

The Ballerina

'The Ballerina' is an approximately 2700-word holiday horror short story inspired by 'The Nutcracker' about a porclein ballerina who must fight to save her soul from the evil within her house.

Published in Eerie Christmas 3 by Black Hare Press. Electronic copies can be purchased here.

Mystery on Mars

'Mystery on Mars' is an approximately 3330-word YA solarpunk short story about a girl who uses her powers of critical thinking, tinkering, and scientific reasoning to save the first human Mars colony.

Published in Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls Who Engineer and Explore, the proceeds from which support the Society of Women Engineers Schoalrship Fund. Electronic copies can be purchased here.

Mourning Letters

'Mourning Letters' is an approximately 3300-word queer historical short story about a woman who's affair partner dies and the widow who seeks to process their grief together. This short story was given a shout-out by Emily Moon, a poet, who said it, "had [her] cheering."

Published in PIle Press's Issue 6. Only available in print, a copy of Issue 6 can be purchased here. 

Victim of the Night

'Victim of the Night' is an approximately 1000-word gothic horror short story about a woman who encounters a suspicous man on the road and the monsters that come out at night.

Published in Diet Milk Magazine's 2022 Gothic Horror Advent Calendar, "In the Bleak Midwinter." It can be read here for free. A digital PDF of the whole collection can be found here.